MAXNET Design studio (INFORMATION TECHNOLGIES AND SYSTEMS, multimedia presentations, graphic design, branding, website promotion, custom programming and designe for your website).

About Us

We are talented peoples, who can successfully manage all installed tasks.

Basic directions: Development and support of internet projects, creation of multimedia presentations and development of brand name style.

  • Development of web-sites;
  • Development of I-shops and catalogues
  • Placing of web-sites in a network;
  • Technical support of web-sites;
  • Searching optimization;
  • Creation of publicity banners;
  • Creation of multimedia-presentations;
  • Development of CD presentations;
  • Development of logotypes;
  • Development of brand name style;
  • Development of design of placards and flyers;

Why work with us ?
We are interested in the projects created by us were successful, would be developed and brought a profit to the proprietors. For this reason, we examine the clients working with us not as customers valid for one occasion, but as partners, offering to them advantageous terms for a further collaboration.